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of that. >> doug holtz-eakin, if you were mitt romney works you make benghazi something of an issue tonight? i don't mean filibustering and going through anything but as a matter of leadership, you have economic leadership, fiscal leadership, america losing its credit rating leadership, now you have the benghazi thing. does romney do it tonight? >> i think it can come up but it can't come up as a gratuitous topic out of nowhere. the president offered the promise of a more transparent administration as one of the things he ran on. this didn't look terribly transparent. it falls on the heels of other non-transparent -- >> you're saying whatever happens tonight the issue goes on and the president's got to deal with in. >> yeah. this is a national security issue that has to be dealt with, regardless of who is president. >> now, debate coverage continues at 8:00 and goes right through till the end. keith boykin is going to be back joining the expert analysis crew after the debate, oh, my goodness, tonight's debate between president obama and mitt romney could help some decide who they're
, and the basic tag line of the ad is let's finish what we started. now, i have heard smart guys like doug schohn and stan greenberg say for months and months that is not good. you got to try a new tack, but that's still what they are doing. do you think finish what they started is their message? is that a reason to re-elect barack obama? >> the last incumbent president re-elected during a somewhat challenging time george w. bush had had a motto the whole campaign, steady leadership in times of change. i do think that the american public can distinguish between a bad situation that has a lot of historical roots and what they are trying to do, and whether you're talking about detroit or you're talking about the jobs numbers or you're talking about signs of hope or talking about a stock market that is roaring back, that doesn't fix the problems. >> a ri -- >> just to finish larry's question, i agree with your point, by the way, that the real long-term unemployment numbers are worse and that hurts people out there, but i do think people can make that distinction. >> hang on, hang on. >> i've got to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2